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Watch Dogs 2 – Xbox One Edition

Watch Dogs 2 – Xbox One Edition

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Watch Dogs 2 Xbox One Edition

Dive into the vibrant and technologically advanced world of Watch Dogs 2 on Xbox One. Set in the iconic city of San Francisco, this action-packed open-world adventure lets you become a skilled hacker and join the hacktivist group, DedSec, as they expose corruption and take on a corrupt corporate establishment.

Watch Dogs 2 Xbox One Edition Key Features:

Hack Everything: Use your hacking skills to manipulate the citys infrastructure. Control traffic lights, hack into security cameras, and manipulate electronic devices to achieve your objectives in creative and unexpected ways.

Open-World San Francisco: Explore a beautifully recreated, dynamic rendition of San Francisco and the Bay Area. From the bustling streets to the iconic landmarks, the city is your playground as you uncover hidden secrets and navigate through a lively environment.

Diverse Hacking Tools: Equip yourself with an arsenal of hacking tools, 3D-printed weapons, and a customizable drone. Tailor your playstyle by choosing between stealth, hacking, and combat to approach missions in the way that suits you best.

Hacktivist Storyline: Join DedSec, a group of skilled hackers determined to expose corruption and bring justice to the people. Engage in a compelling narrative filled with twists and turns as you take on the powerful corporate interests that control the city.

Co-op Multiplayer: Team up with friends for seamless online co-op play. Tackle missions together, combine hacking skills, and create chaos in the city as you work as a team to achieve your objectives.

Social Media and Profiling: Utilize the ctOS 2.0 system to profile and manipulate citizens personal information. Use this information strategically to achieve your goals and expose the true intentions of the powerful figures in San Francisco.

Dynamic Day/Night Cycle: Experience a living, breathing city with a dynamic day and night cycle, realistic weather effects, and a vibrant population that reacts to your actions.

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