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Nintendo Switch Oled Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Edition

Nintendo Switch Oled Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Edition

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Nintendo Switch Oled Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Edition

Embark on a legendary journey with the Nintendo Switch OLED Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Edition, a limited-edition console that pays homage to the iconic Legend of Zelda series. Immerse yourself in a world of magic, adventure, and tears with this collectors edition designed for fans who cherish the essence of Hyrule.

Nintendo Switch Oled Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom Edition Key Features:

OLED Display: Delve into the breathtaking landscapes of Hyrule with the vivid and enhanced 7-inch OLED screen. Every tear, every detail, and every moment of your adventure comes to life with stunning clarity and vibrancy.

Tears of the Kingdom Design: The console and Joy-Con controllers are adorned with exclusive Tears of the Kingdom artwork, featuring iconic symbols, characters, and elements inspired by the Legend of Zelda series. The unique design evokes the emotional depth and grandeur of Links epic quest.

Enhanced Audio: Immerse yourself in the rich and atmospheric sounds of Hyrule with enhanced audio capabilities. The Tears of the Kingdom Edition ensures that the haunting melodies and ambient sounds of the Zelda universe resonate with unparalleled clarity.

Collectors Accessories: Unbox a treasure trove of collectors accessories, including a specially crafted Zelda-themed carrying case, Joy-Con grips, and a unique dock featuring Tears of the Kingdom artwork. Each accessory is designed to complement your journey through the world of Hyrule.

Exclusive In-Game Content: Dive deeper into the Tears of the Kingdom narrative with exclusive in-game content. Unlock special Zelda-themed items, costumes, and a custom-designed in-game Nintendo Switch to enhance your gaming experience.

Limited Edition Packaging: The Tears of the Kingdom Edition comes in a meticulously designed limited edition packaging, featuring intricate illustrations and embossed details that make it a worthy centerpiece for any Zelda fans collection.

Extended Storage: With an expanded internal storage capacity, the Tears of the Kingdom Edition ensures you have ample space to store your digital Zelda adventures, downloadable content, and more.

Amiibo Compatibility: Elevate your experience by tapping compatible Zelda-themed Amiibo figures to unlock additional in-game surprises and bonuses.

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